Balogbog vs. CA

When marriage contract was destroyed by war Facts Petitioners are the children of the deceased Basilio and Genoveva Balogbog. They have an older brother, Gavino, who died in 1935, ahead of their parents. In 1968, respondents filed a claim that they were the legitimate children of Gavino, and therefore, are entitled to one-third of the […]

Navarro vs. Domagtoy

129 SCRA 259 A judge who solemnized a bigamous marriage Facts Complainant Mayor Navarro files a complaint against respondent Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge Hernando Domagtoy, which, he contends, exhibits gross misconduct as well as inefficiency in office and ignorance of the law. Nature of the Case: Administrative complaint against a judge’s misconduct. Charges of […]

Geluz vs. CA and Lazo

G.R. No. L-16439  Facts Nita Villanueva voluntarily procured abortion three times with Geluz as the physician. She did it without the consent of her husband. Upon knowing the last abortion, Oscar Lazo filed for damages against Dr. Geluz. Trial court awarded damages to the husband. CA affirmed. Issue and Ruling: Can the husband recover damages […]

Seven Guidelines for Psychological Incapacity based on Republic vs. Molina

Basis: Court’s ruling on Republic vs. Molina 1. Burden of proof to the plaintiff Any doubt should be resolved in favor of the existence and continuation of the marriage and against its dissolution and nullity. This is rooted in the fact that both our Constitution and our laws cherish the validity of marriage and unity […]