Lex rex simply means “the law is the king.” It’s another way of saying that we must be a government of laws and not of men; that no one is above the law, and anyone who stands before the law finds himself on level ground. This is a repository of law school notes that strives to reflect that principle.

Bryan Villarosa here, a part-time law student, part-time self-employed. This website is a passion project arising from a belief that digital transformation can empower our relationship with the law, society, and the justice system.

Disclaimer: This website is only for educational purposes and not a substitute for professional legal advice. Please contact a lawyer for the proper assessment of the totality of the facts of your case.

Here’s me, 2nd from the left, with some of my classmates and our Dean in the College of Law (6th from the left). This was taken during our CLEP oath-taking (law student practitioners). See newspaper article.
Here’s me and my “CLEP-mates” at the Hall of Justice with RTC Executive Judge Raymond Javier, some law professors, and staff. See our Dean’s post for details.

Other Law School-Related Works

Here is our research work entitled Filipino Freelancers’ Welfare: Assessing, Consolidating, and Proposing Legal Measures. This is our final requirement for Legal Research, a first-year subject, which was taught by Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Sigue, now a DITC Undersecretary.