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Lex rex simply means “the law is the king.” It’s another way of saying that we must be a government of laws and not of men; that no one is above the law, and anyone who stands before the law find himself on level ground. This is a repository of law school notes that strives to reflect that principle.

Redhibitory Defect

Are those defects in the article sold which the seller is bound to warrant. Such defects render the thing sold as (1) unfit for the use it was intended; (2) diminish its fitness to the extent that if the vendee had been aware of it, he would either not acquire it or paid a lower price. It must be hidden or not obvious by reasonable, careful, and ordinary inspection. The vendor is not liable for patent or obvious defects. It


Precarium is a specie of commodatum where the bailor can demand the return of the thing at will. This is a contractual relationship. (Art. 1947)

Res Judicata

is a rule that a final judgment on the merits by a court of competent jurisdiction is conclusive of the rights of the parties or

Rebus Sic Stantibus

The contract can only be valid if the conditions prevailing at the time of contracting continue to exist at the time of performance. If the

Last Palmas/Miangas Island Case Digest

Full title: The Island of Las Palmas/Miangas Case (Netherlands v. United States), Arbitral Award of 1928 [on sovereignty over land] Facts Palmas is a small

Denmark V. Norway Digest

Full title: Legal Status of Eastern Greenland (Denmark V. Norway), PCIJ Judgment of 5 September 1933 [on sovereignty over land] Full text facts Denmark and

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Stocks vs. Bonds

Stocks Bonds Nature A unit of ownership of the company A loan to the company Profits over time Intended to appreciate in value through time

Actions in rem vs. in personam

In rem proceeding In personam proceeding Object of the action To bar all who might make an objection against a right, and anyone in the

Persons and Family Relations Quiz

Persons is a sub-topic under the Civil Code, particularly that of the Family Code. This is usually taken during the first year of law school.

Maritime Zones under UNCLOS

The different maritime zones can be defined by first determining the baseline. The baseline is the low-water line or low-tide elevation along the coast which


a bailee is a person who receives a non-consumable thing for the purpose of using it for a certain period of time and with the


Commodatum is when one party (bailor) delivers a thing to another (bailee) so that the latter may use the same for a certain time and

Navarro vs. Domagtoy

129 SCRA 259 A judge who solemnized a bigamous marriage Facts Complainant Mayor Navarro files a complaint against respondent Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge Hernando

Stare decisis

that once a question of law has been examined and decided, it should be deemed settled and closed to further argument. – Virtucio vs. Alegarbes

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