Piczon vs. Piczon Digest

Facts Sosing Lobos Corp obtained a loan from Consuelo (creditor). The president of the corporation, Esteban, signed an agreement expressing that he will pay the sum of P12,500 and agreed to pay with the interest of 12% per annum. He indicated that he is the president and guarantor of the said corporation. Issue and Ruling […]

Bambalan vs. Maramba Digest

Facts Bambalan signed a document executing a transfer of land of ownership to Maramba. After some time, Bambalan then asserted that the transfer was invalid for the following reasons: (1) Bambalan was a minor; (2) Record shows that it was not his intention to sell the land. Maramba argues that the doctrine in Mercado vs. […]

PAFLU vs. Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) Digest

72 SCRA 396 FULL TEXT: https://lawphil.net/judjuris/juri1989/jan1989/gr_79347_1989.html PARTIES: PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF FREE LABOR UNIONS (SEPTEMBER CONVENTION), petitioner,vs.DIRECTOR PURA FERRER CALLEJA of the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR),Kalipunan ng Manggagawang Pilipino (KATIPUNAN)Malayang Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Hundred Island Chemical Corporation (SAMAHAN)and Hundred Island Chemical Corporation, respondents. NATURE OF THE CASE: A Labor Union petitioning for certiorari […]


Meaning of Collation Collation is the process of adding value to the heredity mass of net hereditary estate|estate the value of things or rights disposed of by the decedent during his lifetime by way of donation or gratuitous title. This is only applicable when there is at least one compulsory heir because there will be […]

Romualdez-Marcos vs. COMELEC Digest

After the exile of the Marcoses, can Imelda run for public office? Facts In 1995, Imelda Marcos filed her Certificate of Candidacy for the position of Representative of the First District of Leyte with the COMELEC. In the COC, she wrote: “RESIDENCE IN THE CONSTITUENCY WHERE I SEEK TO BE ELECTED IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE ELECTION: […]

Rebus Sic Stantibus

The contract can only be valid if the conditions prevailing at the time of contracting continue to exist at the time of performance. If the conditions have changed that it becomes manifestly beyond the intention of the parties, the obligor may be released. This applies whether the change happens in whole or in part. Requisites: […]

Balogbog vs. CA

When marriage contract was destroyed by war Facts Petitioners are the children of the deceased Basilio and Genoveva Balogbog. They have an older brother, Gavino, who died in 1935, ahead of their parents. In 1968, respondents filed a claim that they were the legitimate children of Gavino, and therefore, are entitled to one-third of the […]

Navarro vs. Domagtoy

129 SCRA 259 A judge who solemnized a bigamous marriage Facts Complainant Mayor Navarro files a complaint against respondent Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judge Hernando Domagtoy, which, he contends, exhibits gross misconduct as well as inefficiency in office and ignorance of the law. Nature of the Case: Administrative complaint against a judge’s misconduct. Charges of […]

Geluz vs. CA and Lazo

G.R. No. L-16439  Facts Nita Villanueva voluntarily procured abortion three times with Geluz as the physician. She did it without the consent of her husband. Upon knowing the last abortion, Oscar Lazo filed for damages against Dr. Geluz. Trial court awarded damages to the husband. CA affirmed. Issue and Ruling: Can the husband recover damages […]