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Stocks vs. Bonds

NatureA unit of ownership of the companyA loan to the company
Profits over timeIntended to appreciate in value through time (not guaranteed)Pays fixed interest over time (ceases if corp. is dissolved)
Traded whereStocks exchange through brokers such as COL, Timson Securities, banks, etc.Mutual funds, brokers

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Medicard vs. CIR Digest

Facts CIR found discrepancies in the ITR of Medicard. It then issued a Letter of Notice (LN) to Medicard, then PAN, then FAN. No issuance of LOA to the revenue officer. Arguments CIR:

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Palay Inc. vs. Clave

Facts In 1965, Palay Inc thru its President, executed a Contract to Sell in favor of private respondent Nazario Dumpit, a parcel of land in Antipolo Rizal. Terms include DP and installments.

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Maritime Zones under UNCLOS

The different maritime zones can be defined by first determining the baseline. The baseline is the low-water line or low-tide elevation along the coast which includes its islands at the highest tide

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Unrestricted Retained Earnings (URE)

Unrestricted Retained Earnings (URE) are the accumulated profits and gains realized out of the normal and continuous operations of the company after deducting therefrom the distributions of stockholders (legal capital) and transfers

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Notarial Prohibition

A document that commences the 10 years prescription of a negative easement; It is a notice that officially prohibits the owner of a servient estate from obstructing light and view.

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