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Law School Inspiration Quotes

Quotes from different sources that may keep you going.

Love the process. Not just the outcome.

Do not rush things. Great things take time.

When you become a lawyer, be honest. You could sleep well at night when you’re honest.

You have to love the law, otherwise, it will not love you back. – from a professor

Law school is like love. It makes you happy sometimes it makes you cry.

The law is a jealous mistress, and requires a long and constant courtship. It is not to be won by trifling favors, but by lavish homage.
If you love something, you will always be willing to do the difficult things. – Bernice Piñol

Learning begins with Eros. – Socrates (Eros is the appreciation that draws us to attractive people, can be romantic love).

Law and love are twins separated from birth. 

Do things at your own pace, life is not a race.

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