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The Herod in Us (A Poem)

(A poetic reflection. Days after Christmas, when wisemen came to visit.)

The Herod in us
Doesn’t want His presence
The King to govern our lives
Is a thought that threatens

This King will dethrone ourselves
so we’re no longer in control
So we wish His death
For we want to be sovereign over all

Where is the King? Saith the wisemen
King? I am the King! Saith the heart.
He’s a danger to my pride
He’s but a poor helpless child!

We pretend to worship
To get men’s applause
But deep inside we want Him out
We worship ourselves- isn’t that the cause?

But the wisemen from the East
led by the Star left their comfort zone
believing His Word from afar

They trodded freezing deserts
Suffered scorching heat
Hoping to taste and see
The glory of His majesty

So remove our Herodian heart
A heart of thorn and stone
Yearning for lustful pleasures
fleeting vain-glory alone

Replace our hardened heart
with one’s that’s broken and contrite
Make us to walk by faith
And not by sight

Give us the wisemen’s heart
So in the darkness, we see light
For Your pleasures are worthy to be sought after
And in your Presence are Joys forever

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