Fernando v. St. Scholastica’s College Digest

“Unreasonable Ordinance” Fernando v. St. Scholastica’s CollegeGR Number 161107. March 12, 2013 Complete Names of PartiesHon. Ma. Lourdes Fernando, in her capacity as Mayor of Marikina, Chief of Permit Division, City Engineer, et. al,  petitionersvs.St. Scholastica’s College and SSA-Marikina, respondents THESIS STATEMENTCity of Marikina FILED a petition against SSA-Marikina/SSC on the grounds that their ordained […]

The State Does Not Want Me to Kill My Own Carabao | US vs. Toribio

G.R. No. L-5060, January 26, 1910 Notable keywords and topics Restraint of an injurious private use of property. Restrictions or limitation upon a private use by the legislature, which is detrimental to the public welfare. In the town of Carmen, in the Province of Bohol, there was no municipal slaughterhouse. RA 1147 sections 30 and […]