Legal Essay: Those Who Walked Away from Omelas

Outline Assignment on Legal Writing: Outline and Legal Essay in response to the City of Omelas Intro – Essential lessons from the Omelas story Hook: In a society fighting for different claims of social justice, whose ‘justice’ should stand? Topic: Omelas is a messed-up world where some rights are elevated and some are suppressed Thesis […]

Letter to the Mayor of the City of Omelas

This is an assignment in legal writing: To write a fictional letter to the mayor of the City of Omelas – a fictional city – based on the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas“ City of OmelasOFFICE OF THE CITY COUNSELThe Capitol, Omelas Avenue, Omelas City April 24, 2021MAYOR ODYSSEUSCity Mayor City […]

Inspirational Quotes from Cases 1

The highest court of the land does not all the time speak in highfalutin legalese words but sometimes speaks in languages that are highly-relatable to the most ordinary man, endearing, spiritual, and sometimes even Biblical/Quranic and poetic. Here are curated quotes from Supreme Court cases that I find somewhat timeless and resonating where I may […]