Phrases for Answering Law School Exams

Below are phrases I have compiled from different cases which may be used in answering law school exams. Intro “that thing is a microcosm / emblematic of a broader issue” “X’s pretension that xxx is outrageous” “it is troubling that…” Law “It is a cardinal rule that the…” “In a series of uninterrupted decisions before […]

Seven Guidelines for Psychological Incapacity based on Republic vs. Molina

Basis: Court’s ruling on Republic vs. Molina 1. Burden of proof to the plaintiff Any doubt should be resolved in favor of the existence and continuation of the marriage and against its dissolution and nullity. This is rooted in the fact that both our Constitution and our laws cherish the validity of marriage and unity […]

Movie Reflection: “First They Killed My Father”

The Instructions (This 350-word reflection is an assignment required of us in IHL) How monstrous would this world be if there is no such thing as humanitarian law? As I watched “First They Killed My Father”, one principle resounded: The power of ideas. Ideas precede everything that happens in this world. Ideas are the foundations […]