Defamation, which includes libel and slander, means the offense of injuring a person’s character, fame or reputation through false and malicious statements.5 It is that which tends to injure reputation or to diminish the esteem, respect, good will or confidence in the plaintiff or to excite derogatory feelings or opinions about the plaintiff.6 It is […]

Criminal Negligence

Imprudence is an act of carelessness (reckless imprudence) which, had it been intentional, would otherwise constitute a felony (Article 365 of RPC): If grave felony: Arresto mayor max to prision correccional medium If less grave felony: Arresto mayor minimum If light felony: P200 fine If only resulting to material damages: fine shall be from equal […]


Agreed and decided to commit. Conspiracy exists when two or more persons come to an agreement concern the commission of a felony and decide to commit it. Article 8 of the Revised Penal Code Concurred and affirmed.… Cooperated and carried out the resolution.“ People v Akiran Concurred and affirmed. If someone fully concurred in the criminal resolution […]


Simple arson under section 1 of PD1613 with a punishment of prision mayor. Destructive arson under the new Article 320 of RPC as restored by RA 7659 (Sourced from destructive arson under section 2 of PD 1613 and Section 3 (Other cases of arson).  [Notable] Burning of inhabited house. Section 3 No. 2 of PD1613 and Art 320: “Inhabited house or dwelling,” […]