La Bugal B’laan Tribal Association vs. DENR Secretary Digest

This is a case that answers the question: “Do our tribes get an equitable share from mining activities?” In this case, the defendant is one of the biggest mining firms in the world. The plaintiff is a very small tribe on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. When giant mining corporations enter the country, set-up mining […]

ABS-CBN vs. Hilario

July 10, 2019 Facts Mr. Edmund Ty incorporated CCI to engage in the business of making props for TV programs et al. Honorato and Banting were hired as employees. In June 2003, Ty decided to retire to create his own company – Dream Weaver. In August 2003, Ty dismissed Banting and Honorato and were given […]

DBP vs. Hydro Resources (HRCC) Digest

Facts DBP and PNB foreclosed NMIC’s properties which made the former as the majority stockholder of the latter. NMIC then engaged the services of Hercon/HRCC. NMIC failed to pay Hercon/HRCC. After default and several demands, Hercon sued NMIC, DBP and PNB to be solidarily liable. Cory Aquino then privatized DBP/PNB, transferring their shares to the […]

Palay Inc. vs. Clave

Facts In 1965, Palay Inc thru its President, executed a Contract to Sell in favor of private respondent Nazario Dumpit, a parcel of land in Antipolo Rizal. Terms include DP and installments. Dumpit delayed in payment, wrote to Palay re assignment of his rights to Lourdes. Palay replied that his CTS has been rescinded pursuant […]

Silverio vs. Filipino Business Consultants Digest

August 12, 2005 Facts Silverio Jr. is the President of Esses and TriStar Corp and possessed the 62 ha land in Calatagan, Batangas. Esses and TriStar exected a Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage in favor of FBCI. The former failed to redeem.  FBCI filed for consolidation of title with RTC, obtained favorable judgment, […]

Lim vs. CA Digest

January 24, 2000 Facts In 1994, Pastor Y. Lim died intestate. Surviving spouse Rufina filed a petition for administration of his estate. The properties of respondent corporations (Auto Truck et. al.) were included in the inventory, which then filed a motion for the lifting of the lis pendens and exclusion of certain properties from the […]